We have three alternative styles of accommodation to suit your dog and your budget. When making an online booking enquiry, you will be able to nominate your preference, but this will be subject to availability. If your preference is unavailable, we will offer you the next best option prior to confirming your booking.


Our standard kennels are secure pens located inside custom built sheds. Unlike many kennels, at night and during bad weather, our kennels are fully enclosed to protect your dog from the elements. We have six double kennels, which are large enough to accommodate 2-3 dogs from one family, and ten single kennels for dogs that come on their own. Although the dogs are all separate, they are able to see each other through the pen walls.



IMG_3413 (1024x669)Deluxe Villa

Our three new deluxe villas are fully insulated, private kennels with tiled floors. These kennels are a quieter place for your dog to sleep and eat as they aren’t able to see the other dogs. As well as keeping them warmer in winter and cooler in summer, the insulation also helps dull the noise of the other dogs, helping them get a little more rest than they may have in our standard accommodation.



IMG_3092 (1024x683)Premium In Home Suite

Our premium suite is located inside our home in a room roughly the size of a single bedroom. This room is just off of our living area and is fully heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. With slate floors, two day beds and a large couch, it is the only option for pampered pooches. Dogs who stay in our premium suite get extra attention in the evenings, when dinner is over and all the other dogs are tucked in. They also have access to a private decked courtyard with an astro turfed area during the day if they are not up to spending the day playing.



We are very proud of our facilities, and would be happy to show you around. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a time.