Kennels & Facilities

Kennels & Facilities

We have three alternative styles of accommodation to suit your dog and your budget.

When making an online booking enquiry, you will be able to nominate your preference, but this will be subject to availability. If your preference is unavailable, we will offer you the next best option prior to confirming your booking.

Standard Kennels Deluxe Villa Kennels Premium In Home Suite


We are very proud of our facilities and are happy to show you where your dog will be staying before their visit.
Viewings are available by appointment only, Sunday – Friday between 10am – 3pm, this allows us to re-schedule our day and ensure there enough time to show you around and answer any questions you may have without any interruptions.
When visiting for a viewing please note:
  • Do not pat any boarding dogs.
  • We do not allow children into the kennels, please arrange alternative care if required.
  • Do not bring your dog. We find dogs settle best in the kennels when goodbye is said in reception as there is already a lot of excitement happening. We offer a free trial day for your dog to see the kennels and meet us at a different time. 

Trial day

For any new boarders we offer a free day trial on weekdays during off peak seasons to ensure your dog is going to be suited at our kennels.

Any bookings over 7 days a compulsory day trial is required prior to your booking.


All dogs are fed a Premium diet of Black Hawk biscuits to ensure they return home to you in optimum condition. If your pet has special dietary requirements, we are happy to feed your dog whatever diet you provide at no extra cost.


A hydrobath service is available for all day carers and boarders.

Day Care

All day care dogs must be de-sexed (over 12 months of age), dog social and dropped off / picked up within the reception opening times.