Q: What is the minimum age for boarding a dog?

A: 4 months, and/or 2 weeks after the 3rd puppy vaccination is complete.
As puppies may not have had all their vaccinations yet, they are more vulnerable to catching airborne viruses and not able to fight them off. If you require to board you puppy prior to completing their vaccinations, contact your veterinarian clinic.
Please ensure your vet gives Kennel Cough during their puppy vaccination period

Q: Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

A: Yes.

Every dog must have a current C5 vaccination prior to checking-in. Dogs that have been given an intranasal spray as part of their vaccination or dogs that have not been vaccinated for more than 12 months will not be accepted until fourteen (14) days have passed since time of vaccination.
By Law, vaccination records must be sighted on check-in, a photo or scan copy will be taken for record keeping. Failure to provide evidence of vaccination record(s) on arrival will result in refusal to board your dog(s) at Down South Boarding Kennels.
Unfortunately, titer tests will not be accepted at Down South Boarding Kennels.
Please Note: Dogs that receive the 3 yearly vaccination must still have a yearly canine cough vaccination.

Q: Will my dog be exercised?

A: Yes, we have 4 large exercise yards. De-sexed social dogs will be allowed to play together fully supervised for multiple hours during the day. If your dog is less social or not de-sexed (over 12 months old), they can have a yard to their self where we spend one on one time with them.
Time in the exercise yards will vary day by day, is dependent on the weather and number of dogs currently boarding.

Although we do not like dogs to be in their kennels, weather can restrict their time out, regardless of weather, all dogs will have a minimum of 2 hours a day in the yards.  The more social your dog the more play/exercise time they will get.
Groups are matched up by size, age and temperament of the dog.

Q: My dog has never been in a kennel before, how do I know he/she will be happy?

A: It is possible that at some stage in your dogs life they may need to be kennelled for a period of time. As our kennels operate at our home, we make the dogs feel like it is their second home as well, we make it as fun and enjoyable as possible so your dog will go home happy and tired and be looking forward to their next visit.
We offer a free day trial for any new boarders and a compulsory day trial prior to bookings over 7 days.

Q: Do I need to supply food?

A: We provide Black Hawk adult and puppy biscuits and feed by the Black Hawk feeding guide by weight of the dog, taking into account energy levels and age during their stay.
If your pet has a special diet you may bring in your own food at no extra charge, please ensure it is portioned and labelled for their whole stay. It is best to provide an extra couple of days just in case your return is delayed.
We do request no bones to reduce risks of chocking. All dogs are feed separate in their individual kennels, but there is the chance a bone may be able to make its way under the fencing to the next dog who is not allowed bones
Fresh water is provided throughout the days, along with shell pools, sprinklers, ice bowls in hot weather.

Q: When will my dog be fed?

A: We provide two feeding times, 6am-7am in the morning and 3pm-4pm in the afternoon. You may request to have your dog feed either morning or afternoon or both if preferred, if no preference is made, morning feed is default. If you feed three times a day you may request for an additional feed at time of booking.

Q: Can family or friends visit my dog during his/her stay?

A: In most cases we do not allow visits whilst your dog is staying with us. Being in a kennel environment can be stressful for some dogs and can take a few days to settle in and bond with us. Although both you and your dog will be excited to see familiar faces once they leave again the dog can become upset or depressed for a day or so afterwards starting the settling in period over again.
We also do not allow owners into the kennels during drop off or pick up as we find the dog is able to settle in quicker saying goodbye at reception.

Q: Can I call to check on my dog and get photos?

A: Yes! You are more than welcome to call, text or email to see how your dog(s) are going.
We upload photos onto Facebook weekly, along with an occasional video, we do try and get all dogs but there is the chance where photos do not turn out or weather has stopped us from getting good photos.
We may be able to send through a photo at request, but unable to do daily photo updates.

Q: Will my dog be sharing a kennel with another dog?

A: No, we do not ‘kennel stack’. All dogs will have their individual kennel, we do allow family dogs to share up to three (depending on size) if they all live in the same household on a day to day basis and get along well. However, if an argument does happen, they will be separated and additional kennel charges will apply. If we are fully booked and do not have a spare kennel you will be contacted to collect by COB that day.
During the day all dogs will be allowed to play fully supervised, but every dog will have their own kennel. Under no circumstances will we share a kennel with unknown dogs.

Q: My dog is a bit of an escape artist!

A: If your dog is known to be an escape artists, is able to jump, climb or chew through fencing (even if they haven’t done in years), you must let us know at time of booking.
We have a limited amount of ‘escape proof’ kennels and exercise yards available. If you do not let us know you can be at risk of being turned away if there are no ‘escape proof’ kennels available.

Q: My dog is not dog social, can he/she still board?

A: We can allow a limited number of ‘non-social’ dogs at any one time; however, we will not board aggressive dogs. As we are a social kennel there are no individual runs off the kennels, all dogs are let out one by one into the large exercise yards where they will be required to walk past other dogs.
If your dog is not dog social, you will be required to have a day trial to ensure your dog will be suited to our kennels.

Q: What do I do if my dog requires medication during their stay?

A: If your dog requires medication during their stay, please fill in the medical form at time of booking. Ensure all medication is labelled with the dogs name and dosage instructions and there is enough for the entire stay. It is best to provide for an extra few days in case your return is delayed.
We do not charge any extra for administration of medications.